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I recently started working on a project which is using .NET Core 3.1.

As I am the only developer in the team using Mac, and as you may know, .NET Core 3.1 does not support Mac M1/M2 cpus, I faced lots of issues setting up my local environment.

Here is the things I did, hopefully it helps you as well:

1. Make sure Rosetta is installed

Rosetta is an Apple’s tool that allows you to run x64 applications on Mac silicon CPUs.

If you need to install it, take a look at this page on Apple website here.

2. Install .NET Core 3.1

Here you can find the latest versions of it, install the version that suits you.

Apple will automatically runs it with Rosetta, whenever it is run.

3. Settings in Jetbrains Rider

There are some settings you need to do, first:

  1. Go to Settings > Build, Execution & Deployment > Tools and Build

  2. Select .NET CLI path and MSBuild version to /usr/local/share/dotnet/x64/dotnet (or any other path you installed it), and save it.

  3. Open a new terminal

  4. open file /etc/paths (probably you need to do it as a root)

  5. add this line to it ‘/usr/local/share/dotnet/x64/dotnet’

Save, and restart your IDE.

Now it should be able to open and run it.