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I started a new Nextjs project (Nextjs 14.1.0). I added discord.js to be able send a message to a discord channel.

I decided to give Nextjs server actions a go, therefore I created a separate file for this action:

// lib/actions.ts

"use server";

import { Client } from "discord.js";

export async function create(formDate: FormData) {

  const discordClient = new Client({
    intents: ["GuildMessages", "Guilds"],
  const result = await discordClient.login("// login token");

Then, I created a simple html form to use this action as the form action there:

// app/page.tsx
"use client";
import { create } from "@/lib/actions";

export default function Home() {

  return (
    <main className="flex min-h-screen flex-col items-center justify-between p-24">
      <form action={create}>

very simple, yeah?

But immediately, I got this error:

Module not found: Can't resolve 'zlib-sync'

I think this is happening because Webpack is trying to include discordjs in client-side code (which it shouldn’t). I spent many hours trying to google and asking ChatGPT and CoPilot ai, but wasn’t successful.

Finally, I was able to solve it with this. First I had to install these packages:

npm install zlib-sync node-loader --save-dev

zlib uses .node files, and webpack doesn’t know how to deal with those files. Therefore I had to install node-loader and configure it in webpack settings in next.config file.

Added this section in next.config.mjs file:

const nextConfig = {
    webpack: (config, options) => {
          test: /\.node/,
          use: 'node-loader'
        return config

Now the problem is solved. I couldn’t find this answer anywhere else, and it took me hours to figure it out, so I decided to share it here.